About me

Writing is like cooking and serving fried rice. Ideas are the body, critics and commentary are the ingredients, and finally the taste depends on how you serve it to others. Here you can find what I think about politics, sosial culture but mostly will be concentrated in technology issues because my background study is in materials engineering.

When I was reviewing my courses, I had difficulty on finding literature about surface treatment in English. Mostly is explained in French and they are difficult to understand for non French speaker. These are the reason that I write this blog in English and in Indonesian language. I believe that knowledge should be accessible to everyone.

I am just an ordinary person, willing learn many things and really passionate in science and business, especially in surface treatment. I decided to rewrite my courses and explain it in an easy way so even non-engineer readers can learn something from it. Most information on this website is interpreted and translated from my reports, courses handout, books, projects and scientific publications. Further details explanation of particular technique should be referred to dedicated handbooks, scientific journals or technical reports on surface treatment.  Honestly, materials engineering is not well known in Indonesia. This is my personal mission to introduce materials engineering and how we contribute in our society.



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